Zone Marketing
Zone Marketing Grant Program

Explore Butte County manages an annual Zone Marketing Grant Program that grants money to organizations who will promote tourism in a specific jurisdiction within the County.

Application types can vary from projects to events, to seminars and collateral creation. Applications will be accepted January 1 through March 31. Please see “Program Guidelines and Application Process” below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to access a PDF of the application to prepare for completing the actual online application?

Yes! You can view a pdf of the entire application here.

A writable Word version is available here. NOTE: the final application needs to be completed via the online form submission.

If I have additional materials to include with my application that cannot be attached to the online form, how do I include them?

You need to mail 5 copies of the material(s) to P.O. Box 2154, Chico CA 95927, Attn: Zone Marketing Committee. Make sure to include the name of your grant request so that it is included with your packet.

How much grant money is available for each jurisdiction?

Funds available from 2016:

  • Biggs – $0
  • Chico – $49,773.24
  • Oroville – $11,937.17
  • Paradise – $4,765.31
  • Unincorporated County – $486.16

Funds available from 2017:

  • Biggs – $0
  • Chico – $56,508.56
  • Oroville – $17,214.18
  • Paradise – $4,309.27
  • Unincorporated County- $679.40


  • Biggs – $0
  • Chico – $106,281.80
  • Oroville – $29,151.35
  • Paradise – $9,074.58
  • Unincorporated County – $1,165.56

Can our organization apply for grant funding for printed materials, like maps and guides?

Yes! If the printed materials promote tourism and/or are used by visitors, the board will consider your application.

What if I have more questions that weren't addressed in the FAQ?

Please email any additiona questions to Carolyn Denero at